In January 2011, Woolworths led an expedition to the melting ice-capped peak of Kilimanjaro to raise awareness of climate change and the effect it’s having on the coffee farmers in Tanzania – the very farmers who grow the organic coffee Woolworths serves in W Cafe’s. More than 60 000 small scale farmers farming on the slopes of Kilimanjaro supply Woolworths with the organic coffee beans sold in their stores and cafés. This month in a continued effort to support the farming communities that grow the organic coffee beans and protect the fragile ecosystems where the beans are grown, Woolworths has launched a coffee shopper, as part of its range of reusable shopping bags. Made by two small community enterprises, which are supported by Woolworths as part of their Enterprise Development endeavours, these bags help raise awareness of some of the Good business journey initiatives and environmental issues that have become part of everyday debates and discussions. The coffee shopper is available at Woolworths stores nationwide for R19-95. The organic coffee beans from the foothills of Kilimanjaro can be purchased in selected stores and at cafes for R42-95 for 250g pack and R165-00 for a 1kg pack.