With the introduction of an innovative new range of vanity bags, Woolworths beauty department is fast becoming the perfect one-stop shop for all your beauty needs – both at home and on the go. For instance, if you love changing handbags to suit your mood, what you’re wearing, or the occasion, you’ll love the new Handbag Organiser. Ideally sized to fit most medium to large handbags, this sturdy, easy-care bag holds all your essentials: cell phone, hand cream, wallet, lipstick, pens, tissues, diary, etc. When you want to change handbags, just lift out the organiser, drop it into the next handbag, and you’re set to go. Like the other new additions to the range, it’s made in a hardwearing, water-resistant fabric in a funky black & white design with an all-feminine hot pink interior. And quite a range it is: there are small purses, big purses, purses with purses inside, as well as a hanging wash bag and double vanity case ideal for travel. Every bag has been carefully (and cleverly) designed to suit all imaginable needs. Woolworths new range of vanity bags will be available from mid-September at all Woolworths beauty stores and most major Woolworths stores throughout the country. ENDS _____________________________________________________________________ Issued on behalf of: Woolworths Issued by: liquidlingo Communications Contact: Sherazahn Stewart / Monique Postema +27 21 424 1530 sherazahn@liquidlingo.co.za/monique@liquidlingo.co.za