This Summer, South African men can enjoy all the benefits of certified organic cotton close to their skins. Building on the success of its organic cotton womens’ and babywear ranges, Woolworths has now launched 100% certified organic men’s underwear range, 100% organic t-shirts and all next season’s basic fit t-shirts for men include 5% organic cotton. Woolworths’ commitment to offering consumers more and more organic cotton options is based on their awareness that organics is a significant 21st Century lifestyle trend. Choosing organic products is a good shopping choice as you are making use of products that are produced without harming the Earth.  This is particularly relevant to the cotton farming industry. There is increasing global consumer awareness that conventional cotton growing consumes 25% of the insecticides and more than 10% of other pesticides used in the world. On the other hand, organic cotton is produced using only natural fertilisers, pesticides and phosphates, making it much healthier for the environment and safer for farm workers. By creating a local demand for organic cotton, Woolworths works with Cotton SA and other supply chain partners to encourage South African cotton farmers to move towards environmentally-friendly organic cotton production. Currently, there is no organic cotton grown in South Africa and this highlights the wide-open opportunities for local farmers to engage with the expanding global organic cotton market.  Woolworths also supports the worldwide move towards organic cotton by joining major global brands such as Nike, Marks & Spencer and Timberland as a sponsor of the international Organic Exchange. This commitment includes an undertaking by Woolworths to incorporate a minimum of 5% organically grown cotton into basic textile items by July 2006.  In order to achieve this goal, Woolworths took the lead and hosted an organic cotton conference with its suppliers earlier this year. Frame Spinning Mills was quick to respond, sourcing a 5% organic cotton fibre from Uganda and getting its mill certified organic by SKAL International an independent international organic certifying body.  The new Woolworths 100% organic cotton men’s underwear offering is made of certified organic cotton from India. This range includes three styles of underpants and an attractive short-sleeved vest.  The Woolworths Difference is that they are the first South African retailer to offer organic cotton garments which are eagerly received by customers who want to make good lifestyle choices when they shop. It’s all part of Woolworths support and promotion of a healthy 21st Century lifestyle. Organic cotton is not only good news for the environment; it also feels good against our skins.