Woolworths has just introduced a comprehensive range of technologically advanced men’s skin care products. Benchmarked against world-leading brands, this latest addition to Woolworths private label range will give South African men the chance to enjoy the same ‘good beauty’ benefits that have been changing the way South African women think about cosmetics and skin care since 2006. In keeping with Woolworths ‘good beauty’ principles, every ingredient has been carefully selected for its beneficial properties and has been thoroughly researched to ensure it contains no potentially damaging ingredients. No harsh chemicals or mineral oils have been used and only ingredients with a proven record of safety, as assessed by qualified international toxicologists and accredited testing laboratories, have been used. Like all Woolworths own-label skin care and cosmetics, the men’s range is endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty. From a marine mineral wash to a pollutant protective cream, there are products to meet virtually every man’s skin care need. Every product has been specifically formulated for men’s skin and contains innovative ingredients at levels that have been proven effective. The soothing before and after shaving oil, for example, contains cranberry oil, recently shown to be rich in vital omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, and the skin firming eye serum is made with mushroom extracts which offer similar anti-ageing benefits to AHAs without the irritation. The range also includes a head-to-toe sun cream SPF30 designed to provide all-over sun protection (including, most importantly for men with thinning or shaved hair, the scalp). The products fall into three categories: ‘clean’, ‘shave’ and ‘defend’. In addition to the individual products listed below, there is also a starter kit containing 30 ml each marine mineral facial wash, skin conditioning shave cream, anti-ageing day cream and hair and body shampoo, which retails for R99.95. Says Cobus Hechter, who heads up beauty at Woolworths, “Innovation has long been one of the cornerstones of Woolworths, and we are very pleased to be able to offer South African men a truly innovative range of skin care products that have been specially formulated to meet their needs. Our technologists have worked hand-in-hand with our suppliers in formulating our products using some of the most advanced ingredients available anywhere. Like our other own-label cosmetics and skin care ranges, these products have been benchmarked against the world’s best.” If you think that means they’ll cost the earth, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Says Hechter, “We’ve always promised our customers good value, and our new men’s range is no exception. Prices for our new men’s products range from just R49.95, and even our advanced anti-ageing cream is priced at just R160.00.” Woolworths private label men’s skin care range is available at more than 70 Woolworths stores countrywide.