Everyone can bake like a MasterChef with Woolworths brand-new and extensive range of baking kits, dessert kits, baking ingredients and accessories. Every week the MasterChef contestants are put through their paces to create the perfect dishes, and we’re sure you’ll agree desserts are among the trickiest. Luckily, Woolworths has made it so much simpler for you. Our baking kits contain all the dry ingredients (accurately measured and sieved beforehand to ensure perfect mouth-watering results every time) so all you need to do is simply add things like eggs or oil to enjoy perfect desserts, cupcakes, puddings, pancakes and more. It’s so seriously easy, even kids can do it with just a little supervision. If you’re a more experienced baker, we also have a full range of baking ingredients like instant yeast, choc chips and gelatine leaves and powders, as well as decorations and accessories such as cookie skirts, cases, cinnamon and vanilla sugar shakers, 3D shapes and writing icing for special occasions. In keeping with our Good Food Journey, our jellies and edible food colours are free of azo dyes and tartrazine. If you think you’ll only find the old favourites, think again. Apart from much-loved brownies and bran muffins, you’ll find exciting and innovative desserts such as delectable chocolate fondants, panna cottas, cheesecake, velvet desserts, malva puddings, and even the ever-tricky crème brûlée.