Woolworths launches an Even Complexion skin care range that has been specifically designed to reduce and control an uneven complexion and tone. Even Complexion’s SPF 25 and active ingredients protect skin and help prevent new dark marks or patches from forming. Skin is brightened and luminous, condition is optimised and dark marks are visibly controlled. “Research has shown that, after the effects of ageing, unevenness caused by pigmentation marks is our second biggest concern when it comes to skin care,” says Amanda Graham, Woolworths Beauty Group Head. “The fact is, because good UV protection is a relatively new idea, many South African women and men suffer from visible skin damage from a childhood spent in the sun without adequate protection. Among women, factors like the pill, pregnancy and childbirth, coupled with a sedentary lifestyle, inadequate skin care and damage from blemishes, add to the damage. Our new range has been specially formulated to help women and men of all ages and skin tones reclaim an even, seamless complexion by reducing the size and intensity of dark marks caused by blemishes and sun damage while preventing new marks forming.” In developing a range of products that offer the most effective yet gentle approach to dealing with dark marks or uneven complexion, Woolworths’ technologists have researched leading formulations from around the world. In keeping with Woolworths’ ‘Good Beauty’ principles, every ingredient has been carefully selected for its beneficial properties and has been thoroughly researched to ensure it contains no potentially damaging ingredients. Like the other three specialist skin care ranges – Ageless, Skin Bright and Enviro Defence – launched last year and available exclusively at Woolworths, the Even Complexion range offers the South African consumer the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of advanced formulations at surprisingly affordable prices. The Even Complexion range includes three products, each of which offers its own specific benefits; for best results, it is recommended that all three be used. They are: • Even Complexion Day Light Protector SPF 25 (R 150.00) – This highly effective, dual-action product is formulated with advanced anti-ageing ingredients so that it not only visibly reduces the appearance of pigmentation marks and uneven skin tones, it also lifts, firms and smoothes the skin and improves clarity and vitality when used daily. It also has a SPF rating of 25 to help prevent further damage from the sun. • Even Complexion Night Light Receptor (R 150.00) – Formulated with hyaluronic acid and skin brightening Vitamin C based ingredients, this intensive night cream helps smooth and soften the skin as it gradually reduces marks and blemishes. • Even Complexion Spot On Corrector (R 95.00) – Applied only to specific pigmentation marks at night daily, it helps target, repair and correct existing pigmentation marks. Woolworths’ ‘mix and match’ approach to skin care means you can use Even Complexion products in conjunction with products from their other three specialist skin care ranges. The Even Complexion range is available at more than 70 Woolworths stores countrywide from 1 April 2007. ENDS FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS What assurances are there regarding the quality and safety of Woolworths’ beauty products? Our products have been formulated to the highest international standards. They are assessed by qualified, independent toxicologists, and we use only accredited testing laboratories where required. Formulations include active ingredients at concentrations which have been proven to be effective. Each and every product is researched to ensure it doesn’t include potentially damaging ingredients. Our dedicated team of experts and technologists test every product thoroughly throughout development and production. What is Woolworths’ policy regarding animal testing of cosmetics and beauty products? As part of our ongoing commitment to provide the South African market with the highest quality, effective products they can trust, we have made sure that none of our finished products have been tested on animals and never will be. We’ve also made a stand that none of the ingredients in our products will have been tested on animals after a fixed cut-off date. This will be independently audited. Issued on behalf of: Woolworths Issued by: liquidlingo Communications Contact: Jackie Busch / Angie Richardson +27 21 424 1530 jackie@liquidlingo.co.za info@liquidlingo.co.za