Woolworths is pleased to announce that its entire private label range of toiletries and cosmetics has now been approved by Beauty Without Cruelty. Woolworths is now included on BWC’s “White List” of companies which comply with their humane criteria. These products include all of Woolworths’ own-label bath & body products, colour cosmetics and skin care ranges. According to Beauty Group Head, Cobus Hechter, the retailer has long taken a stand against cruelty to animals in any form and has policies in place to ensure that its products are animal friendly. Animal welfare is, in fact, one of the focuses of Woolworths’ Good business journey, a comprehensive 5-year plan to help bring about positive change in the areas of transformation, social development, the environment and climate change. It was also one of the guiding ‘Good Beauty’ principles applied during the development of Woolworths-own brand beauty products. Hechter explains: “At Woolworths we are constantly striving to find new and better products and services to offer our customers, and are pleased to be able to assure them that our own-label beauty products are cruelty free. They have our assurance – and the endorsement of Beauty Without Cruelty – that no animal ingredients have been used which have harmed animals, none of our finished beauty products has been tested on animals and none will ever be.” He adds, “As far as ingredients are concerned, we have followed guidelines as set by international and local South African animal protection societies, and, together with our suppliers, are ensuring that no ingredients manufactured after our agreed cut-off date, i.e. January 2001, have been tested on animals.” In fact, all these suppliers have willingly been audited to ensure that they comply with cruelty-free practices. Says Beauty Without Cruelty’s Beryl Scott, “Manufacturing products that comply with recognised humane standards requires an uncompromising ethical commitment. We are pleased to be able to include Woolworths on our “White List” and welcome their resolve to offer South African consumers the opportunity to buy such a wide range of humanely manufactured products.” In keeping with Woolworths’ ‘Good Beauty’ principles, every ingredient has been carefully selected for its beneficial properties and has been thoroughly researched to ensure it contains no potentially harmful ingredients. No harsh chemicals or petrochemicals (such as mineral oils) have been used and only ingredients with a proven record of safety, as assessed by qualified international toxicologists and accredited testing laboratories, have been used. Woolworths private label toiletries and cosmetics are available at more than 70 Woolworths stores countrywide. Ends