PRESS RELEASE WOOLWORTHS PRIVATE LABEL SKINCARE RANGE GETS A MAKEOVER 15 January 2010 With the re-launch of its private label skincare range in exciting new packaging, Woolworths now makes it easier than ever for you to find a range of top quality, dermatologically tested, affordable products formulated to suit your skin type. Says Joanne Wilson, who heads up beauty at Woolworths, “We launched our private label skincare range in 2006; at that time, our product ranges were based on offering ‘beauty solutions’. Recent customer research has shown that our customers would prefer a ‘skin type’ focus, so we went back to the drawing board and re-looked our entire skincare range with this in mind. We’ve also redesigned the packaging using different colours to differentiate the ranges, which makes finding the right products for your skin type simpler and faster. We’ve also made sure that our products are as affordable as they are easy to use.” Formulated according to Woolworths ‘Good Beauty” principles, Woolworths private label skincare products contain superior, scientifically advanced and botanical ingredients. Every ingredient has been carefully selected for its beneficial properties and has been thoroughly researched to ensure it contains no potentially damaging ingredients. Furthermore, every product has been dermatologically tested to ensure it is as gentle as it is effective. Like all Woolworths own-label beauty products, all Woolworths skincare products are endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty. Innovation is, of course, a watchword at Woolworths, so each of the ranges has been specifically formulated with advanced ingredients: more2/… Page2 • The Oily Skin range contains Gynactyl™, a patented combination of active ingredients and promoters to balance excess oil, remove impurities and control shine without drying out your skin. • The Sensitive Skin range is formulated with special ingredients that help calm and condition skin and contains Alpha Bisabolol to guard against irritants and environmental aggressors. • The Normal to Dry range is formulated with hyaluronic acid to moisturise and rejuvenate the skin. • The Anti-ageing range is formulated with Reviviscence®, which protects skin against harsh climatic conditions and provides long-lasting hydration. • The Time-defying range contains Rice Bran Oil, an antioxidant that soothes, repairs and nourishes your skin. In addition, there is also a comprehensive line-up of masks to treat specific skin conditions. Woolworths private label skincare ranges are available at most Woolworths stores countrywide. ENDS ________________________________________________________________ Issued on behalf of: Woolworths Issued by: liquidlingo Communications Contact: Lana Maree +27 21 424 1530 more3/… Page3 WOOLWORTHS SKIN CARE PRODUCTS INCLUDE: RANGE PRODUCT NEW RSP OILY 3 IN 1 CLEANSING WASH R 79.95 OILY PURIFYING CLEANSING GEL R 79.95 OILY PURIFYING TONER R 79.95 OILY OIL FREE MOISTURISING LOITION R 99.95 OILY SPOT CLEARING GEL R 55.00 SENSITIVE SOOTHING CLEANSING MILK R 89.95 SENSITIVE SOOTHING TONER R 89.95 SENSITIVE MILD DAY LOTION WITH SPF R 140.00 SENSITIVE MILD NIGHT LOTION R 140.00 SENSITIVE SOOTHING EYE GEL R 120.00 NORMAL 2 DRY BALANCING CLEANSING MILK R 89.95 NORMAL 2 DRY BALANCING TONER R 89.95 NORMAL 2 DRY BALANCING DAY CREAM WITH SPF R 160.00 NORMAL 2 DRY BALANCING NIGHT CREAM R 160.00 NORMAL 2 DRY BALANCING EYE CREAM R 130.00 ANTI – AGEING NOURISHING CLEANSING MILK R 89.95 ANTI – AGEING NOURISHING TONER R 89.95 ANTI – AGEING NOURISHING DAY CREAM WITH SPF R 180.00 ANTI – AGEING NOURISHING NIGHT CREAM R 180.00 ANTI – AGEING LINE REPAIR EYE CREAM R 140.00 ANTI – AGEING LINE FACE REPAIR SERUM R 220.00 TIME DEFYING HYDRATING CLEANSING MILK R 99.95 TIME DEFYING HYDRATING TONER R 99.95 TIME DEFYING HYDRATING DAY CREAM R 185.00 TIME DEFYING HYDRATING NIGHT CREAM R 185.00 TIME DEFYING HYDRATING EYE CREAM R 150.00 TIME DEFYING LIGHT REFLECTING FACE SERUM R 220.00 ALL SKINS EMUR – LIQUID R 69.95 ALL SKINS EMUR – LOTION R 69.95 ALL SKINS TISSUE OIL R 109.00 more4/… Page4 NOTES FOR THE EDITOR Woolworths Good Beauty Principles Woolworths own-label range of toiletries and cosmetics has been developed based on a series of what Woolworths refer to as their ‘Good Beauty’ principles, which include: • using natural ingredients wherever possible • using no harsh chemicals or mineral oils • thorough testing • ensuring that every product is as safe as it is effective and as kind to the environment as it is to skin • offering exceptional value for money The Good Beauty Journey: Woolworths refer to many of its initiatives as ‘journeys’ because they consider them ongoing quests to provide customers with innovative products and services that make a real difference in their lives. The Good Beauty Journey is about offering customers good choices by creating an alternative range of proven effective beauty products that are made with more natural ingredients, that are not tested on animals, and that are better for the environment. In addition, by eliminating outer packaging wherever possible and ensuring that what remains is recyclable, Woolworths has also reduced the impact its products have on our natural resources and on the environment. Endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty: Woolworths entire private label range of toiletries and cosmetics has now been approved by Beauty Without Cruelty. Woolworths is now included on BWC’s “White List” of companies which comply with their humane criteria. Animal welfare is, in fact, one of the focuses of Woolworths Good business journey.