Woolworths has achieved 6th place overall among the largest 300 companies in BRICS countries after an independent verification of greenhouse gas emissions and our disclosure of emissions. The 300 companies were broken down into 10 sectors and Woolworths was ranked 1st in the consumer services sector. The ET (Environmental Tracking) BRICS 300 Carbon Rankings have been conducted by the Environmental Investment Organisation (EIO), an independent non-profit research organisation. The Carbon Rankings are designed as an investment tool which, when supported by sufficiently large investments, incentivise companies to reduce their emissions. “We are delighted by the recognition of our attempts to mitigate against climate change and reduce and disclose our carbon emissions. Woolworths recognises that climate change significantly affects our business directly. We have committed to reducing emissions through our own operations. We believe we can deliver greater sustainability by involving suppliers and customers in our sustainability programme. Our target is to reduce relative energy use by 40% (from our 2004 benchmark) and reduce carbon by 20% per distributable unit by 2015,” said Cherrie Lowe, Group Secretary and Group Director, Corporate Governance at Woolworths. Ends Editor’s notes For more information on: 1. Environmental Investment Organisation (EIO) See http://www.eio.org.uk/ The report was compiled by climate change think tank, Environmental Investment Organisation (EIO) which has its roots in the London School of Economics Environmental Initiatives Network, an alumni group set up to promote environmental projects. 2. Woolworths Good business Journey see http://www.woolworthsholdings.co.za 3. For the full ET BRICS 300 Report, please visit http://www.eio.org.uk/etindex.php?page=current_ranking_reports