Woolworths is pleased to announce that not one, but three, of its suppliers have just been named winners of Woolworths Eco-Efficiency Awards for 2008. The award recognises efforts these suppliers are making to join the retailer in working towards becoming more environmentally responsible. Woolworths, named international Responsible Retailer of the Year for 2008, is the first retailer in the world to recognise suppliers for their efforts in becoming more eco-efficient. This year’s recipients include La Motte, Kimberly-Clark SA and, for the second year running, Westfalia, which grows the bulk of Woolworths avocados and mangos. La Motte produces red wines (Grand Rouge Merlot and Grand Rouge Cabernet Sauvignon/Shiraz Reserve) for Woolworths as well as potted disa plants. The judges commended La Motte for their professional environmental management system. Since 2004 they have reduced their relative water usage per litre of wine by 41% and their relative energy usage by 17%. La Motte’s efforts are continuing; they should shortly obtain Champion status (the highest possible) under the Biodiversity in Wine Initiative, and the La Motte wine estate is in the process of converting to organic production. The judges applauded Kimberly-Clark South Africa for having achieved ISO 14001 certification, their 10% reduction in total water usage and for implementing a significant number of projects relating to facility upgrades, training and development of their people as well as for developing a clear strategy and setting supporting targets for the years ahead. Kimberly-Clark SA supplies tissue paper products including facial tissues, kitchen towels, toilet tissue and nappies. 100% of the virgin paper fibre Kimberly-Clark SA uses comes from certified, cultivated, managed tree plantations, not from natural or arboreal forests. Furthermore, all KC-SA’s fibre suppliers have Forest Stewardship Council certification. In addition to this, Kimberly-Clark South Africa has its own waste paper collecting division which collects waste paper from around South Africa. This paper is recycled and used to make tissue paper in producing some of their products. This process diverts some 60 000 metric tons of waste paper from landfill sites every year. Westfalia, which received the inaugural Eco-Efficiency Award in 2007, was recognised for the sterling work they continue to do, particularly in terms of understanding the carbon footprint of their avocado production. Westfalia was shown to be in favourable balance with 41 250 t of CO2 being fixed in orchard biomass, compared to total of 2 453 t of CO2 equivalents released in the production and distribution of their avos to both local and overseas customers. Said Woolworths Chief Executive Simon Susman, “We warmly congratulate these key Woolies suppliers. They add further impetus to our own drive to optimise our use of resources and reduce the impact of our business on the environment through our Good business journey, we are gratified to know that so many of our suppliers are joining us and making their own meaningful contribution to protecting the environment, preserving biodiversity and addressing climate change. We salute this year’s winners for their achievements in taking the initiative to do things differently in order to make a difference to the world.” As a reward for their efforts, the winners will enjoy a Wilderness Leadership School hike for two of their employees on the flagship White Rhino Trail in the ImFolozi Game Reserve in KwaZulu-Natal. ENDS NOTES FOR THE EDITOR •Woolworths Good business journey is a comprehensive 5 year plan announced in April 2007 to help people and planet. It incorporates a series of challenging targets and commitments centred on four key priorities: accelerating transformation, driving social development, enhancing Woolworths’ environmental focus and addressing climate change.