'Woolworths strives to meet customer needs despite effects of power cuts in the Western Cape. Despite the recent spate of power cuts across the Western Cape, Woolworths has managed to keep most stores open during normal trading hours, in many instances relying on the store’s dedicated generator to keep refrigeration units up and running and provide ambient lighting. “We’re delighted that our customers seem to be able to find what they’re looking for at their local Woolworths despite the many power interruptions across the region,” said Julian Novak, Head of Foods for Woolworths. “We do have some supply issues, mainly in bakery where our local bakers do not have the back-up power supplies necessary to enable them to bake bread during power outages, but our sales indicate that our customers are continuing to shop at their local Woolworths.” “Our customers will also note that, in response to the current power crisis in the Western Cape, we’ve put all stores, where feasible, on 50% lighting,” said Novak. “This results in a substantial reduction in energy consumption and we will continue to do everything we can to support Eskom in their attempts to maintain an adequate power supply.” Woolworths head office is currently running only one of their two air conditioning chillers, giving an energy saving of approximately 30% in Woolworths House. Ends