South African women will have an exciting new world of more natural, top quality options available to them starting this August and September when Woolworths relaunches its beauty business with the first of its innovative new ranges of specially formulated, new generation beauty and skin care products. The focus throughout the Woolworths range is on using naturally derived active ingredients obtained from mineral, botanical or marine sources, to create products that are as gentle and mild as they are effective. There are no harsh chemicals, no petrochemical extracts and no mineral extracts. For example, soaps are 100 percent vegetable based and instead of using mineral oil or petrochemical extracts, Woolworths has chosen plant oils like sweet almond oil, sunflower oil and coconut oil, which are not only better for your skin, but also better for the environment. Every product has been specially formulated for the South African climate. “We at Woolworths frequently speak in terms of being on a journey – by which we mean that we are constantly striving to find new and better products and services to offer our customers. Our ‘Good Beauty’ journey follows the path we embarked on several years ago with our ‘Good Food’ journey and our ‘Organic’ journey”, explained Amanda Graham, Woolworths Beauty Group Head. “We’ve listened to our customers, looked at global trends and talked to experts. We've looked at all the different South African skin types, taken into consideration everything from our outdoor lifestyle to the stresses of city living, and by combining the best that science and nature have to offer, have created a range of products with a real difference.” Every ingredient has been carefully selected for its beneficial properties and in selected ranges organically certified ingredients will be used. Each and every ingredient is researched to ensure it contains no potentially damaging ingredients and only ingredients with a proven record of safety, as assessed by qualified international toxicologists and accredited testing laboratories, have been used. In line with Woolworths’ strict ethics policies, none of the final products has been tested on animals; Woolworths is following guidelines as set by international and local South African animal protection societies in regard to individual ingredients and no ingredients will have been tested on animals as of a fixed cut-off date. The result is a range of high quality, mild and gentle bath & body products, colour cosmetics, skin care products, and fragrances that are proven safe, effective and environmentally friendly, and which offer excellent value for money. The difference is evident in the first of the new ranges, a completely revamped, reformulated and revitalised range of bath & body products in nature-inspired fragrances including the ever-popular Rose, Lavender, Magnolia and Vanilla, the fresh citrus tang of Grapefruit as well as African-inspired flavours like Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter. Formulated according to Woolworths’ ‘Good Beauty’ principles, they are refreshing treats for bath and body. Woolworths’ new bath & body range includes soaps, foam baths, shower gels, body creams, hand lotions, protective hand and nail creams, lip butters, exfoliating scrubs, body powders and more. Woolworths’ bath & body products are not only wonderful ways to spoil yourself; they make great gifts, too. The coming months will see the addition of more new ranges. In keeping with their promise to offer the local market the best the world has to offer, Woolworths will also be introducing some of the world’s most wanted, well-known brands as well as a number of exclusive brands not available anywhere else in South Africa. In addition, special beauty areas will be added to selected stores where trained consultants will be available to assist customers with skin and colour analysis and to help ensure they find the right products for their needs. These consultants will also offer makeovers and massages, as well as in-store ‘mini-spa’ treatments. Along with a new range of spa-style accessories, Woolworths’ new bath & body range offers the perfect way to enjoy invigorating, rejuvenating or relaxing treatments in your own home, all the time. ENDS FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Why does Woolworths speak of this initiative as a ‘Good Beauty Journey’? We refer to many of our initiatives as ‘journeys’ because we consider them ongoing quests to provide customers with innovative products and services that make a real difference in their lives. Like our Good Food Journey and our Organic Journey, our Good Beauty Journey is all about offering our customers good choices by creating an alternative range of proven effective beauty products that are made with more natural ingredients, that are not tested on animals, and that are better for the environment. Even our packaging is recyclable. What is Woolworths’ policy regarding animal testing of cosmetics and beauty products? Woolworths has long taken a stand against cruelty to animals in any form and we have policies in place to ensure that our products are animal friendly. None of our new beauty products has been tested on animals and none will ever be. As far as the ingredients we have selected for our beauty ranges are concerned, we are following guidelines as set by international and local South African animal protection societies. As of a fixed cut-off date, none of our ingredients will have been tested on animals; this will be independently audited. How have Woolworths beauty products been developed? Our products have been formulated to the highest international standards and contain only ingredients with proven safety records as assessed by qualified, independent toxicologists and accredited testing laboratories. Each and every ingredient is researched to ensure it contains no potentially damaging ingredients, and our dedicated team of experts and technologists tests every product thoroughly throughout development and production. Why is Woolworths introducing other branded beauty products? We have taken a decision to offer our customers the best the world has to offer. In the beauty arena, that means we will be carrying some of the world’s most-wanted brands as well as some exciting international brands which will be available exclusively through Woolworths. What will happen to Woolworths existing beauty lines? We are completely redeveloping our entire range of beauty products. Some of our existing lines will be replaced – for example, from August, our Classics range will be replaced by a new, enhanced range of colour cosmetics and skin care products. Specially trained consultants will be on hand in our beauty areas to assist customers in finding the best products for their skin type.