Woolworths began using recyclable board for store signage and displays in 2006, in line with our commitment to sustainability – our Good business journey to help people and planet. Currently, over 30% of Woolworths in store signage is made from renewable raw materials and contains recycled fibres from post industrial and post consumer waste. The signage is a viable, ecological alternative to the standard plastic commonly used in signage. Manufacturing the board from partially recycled fibres requires less water and energy than would be used to produce a board made entirely from virgin material. In addition, the process emits fewer polluting emissions and saves water as the recycling process uses less water. Using recycled materials also means that less waste goes to landfill. Ultimately, the board is also fully recyclable. We are also investigating printing with water based or vegetable based inks in the near future. Woolworths Decor Production Manager Chantall Klaasen says: “We will not be able to make everything sustainable overnight, but we are committed to finding new methods and materials to ensure that Woolworths impact on the environment is minimized. All our printing suppliers are aware of our drive to be more sustainable. We are constantly working with suppliers in the printing industry to find innovative advancements that reduce our ecological footprint.” The product is manufactured by Xanita, a board manufacturer. Xanita’s Western Cape Business Development Manager, Shaun Ferry, says “Xanita is dedicated to manufacturing products which are sustainable. We hope the use of ‘green’ materials will become standard in retail. ENDS The Good business journey This waste management initiative is part of the Good business journey, a multifaceted plan to help people and the planet. Woolworths Good business journey incorporates a series of challenging targets and commitments centred on four key priorities: accelerating transformation, driving social development, enhancing Woolworths environmental focus, and addressing climate change. It is a 5 year plan which sets targets to 2012. We have used the phrase the ‘Good business journey’ because this truly is a journey and there are no easy solutions. In line with our enhanced environmental focus, Woolworths is committed to reducing packaging waste. The packaging shift will start with reduction where possible, and include a focus on recycling, reuse and the investigation of compostable packaging. The Good business journey statement is available at: woolworthsholdings.co.za