Woolworths is pleased SACCAWU has agreed to meet Woolworths on Monday 20 October 2008. This dispute needs to be resolved as quickly as possible as Woolworths is becoming increasingly concerned about the escalating violence and intimidation by union members being directed at the homes and communities of working employees and their families, aimed at keeping our employees from work. “We call on the union to ensure that their members comply with the picketing rules and desist from all forms of intimidation” says Zyda Rylands, Chief operating officer, Woolworths Support services. Woolworths is investigating all incidents of intimidation reported by employees and will take appropriate action against the perpetrators. Ends. Notes to editors Woolworths continues to negotiate with SACCAWU in good faith. In an effort to resolve the dispute, Woolworths has tabled a solution to the current dispute, for SACCAWU to consider. The proposal encourages the union to show the representation it claims through an agreed process. During negotiations at which Woolworths had hoped to reach a resolution, the union introduced additional issues for consideration. Woolworths continues to follow standard labour relations practice whilst actively seeking reasonable alternatives to end this dispute. Standard labour relations practice stipulates that the first step is for the union to establish through an agreed process that they have sufficient representation. This is an important process. Once the union has shown sufficient representation, the next step would be to agree on the content and details of what rights follow.