Woolworths is serious about dairy. From quality to selection and taste, Woolies only offers the best of the best – and they’ve got the awards to prove it.

Owning the space yet again this year, Woolworths walked away with a total of 78 awards at the distinguished South African Dairy Championships, topping last year’s result by a total of 4 awards. Add to that, they also snapped up for the second year in a row, the Dairy Product of the Year Award for their 10 Month Mature Gouda, made exclusively for Woolies by Parmalat.

The SA Dairy Championships is regarded by the industry as a world-class event and is no stranger to Woolies notching up their prestigious array of awards each year. Out of the 78 awards received, 37 of them were first prizes and four of them were Qualité Awards, an impressive nod to their consistent excellence in the industry. A Qualité emblem is only awarded if a specific minimum number of points have been achieved on the international scorecard.

945 dairy products from 83 producers were entered into 108 product categories this year, showing great growth from last year and affording a clear indication of the high level of confidence dairy processors have in the championships.

Seeing stellar results across all categories in the competition, Woolworths is thrilled with this year’s results and remains dedicated to bringing only dairy products of the highest quality to their shelves every year.