Woolworths makes every effort to play its part in addressing climate change. Saving energy is a key part of this effort. Climate change poses both risks and opportunities to all parts of the business sector and Woolworths believes in playing its part in increasing energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions to the atmosphere. For more on how we're doing this, please visit our 2009 Good Business Journey Plan Report on this website. Energy-savings tips: A few simple changes at home and work, as well as adopting energy-friendly habits and attitudes can help you save money and you will be making a difference to the environment in the long run. General tips: •Save energy and money by installing compact florescent lights (CFL) instead of ordinary light bulbs. CFL’s use as much as 80% less electricity than ordinary light bulbs and they last up to eight times longer. •Turn off your computer monitor overnight. •Save a little on your air-conditioner electricity bill by turning the thermostat down 1º in winter and up 1º in summer. •Help your family understand the value of economical use of hot water. •When bathing, use as little water as possible, or better still, have a shower. •Do not wash one cup at a time under the hot tap but rather stack the dirty dishes and wash them together in the sink at the same time. •Small pots should be heated on the stove's small plates to avoid unnecessary heat loss. •When using heaters or air conditioners, limit or restrict the opening of windows. •Curtains help to retain the heat in a room. Draw the curtains early in the evening especially during cold weather. •When using a kettle, do not fill it right to the top if you only intend making one cup of tea. •It is more efficient to turn dishwashers and washing machines on when there is a full load to wash. •Do not leave lights or appliances on unnecessarily.