Woolworths had no alternative but to obtain an interdict yesterday against the South African Commercial, Catering and Allied Workers' Union (Saccawu) for deliberately breaking the picketing rules agreed at the CCMA. There has been extensive intimidation of Woolworths employees and a few instances of interruption of normal store operations. “I’m not sure why the union continues with the strike. They indicated that they have sufficient representation to grant them recognition. We have said consistently that we will talk to any union that demonstrates sufficient representation,” said Zyda Rylands, Chief operating officer, Support services at Woolworths. The impact of the strike on trade has been minimal and all stores are currently open. Ends For further details contact: Woolworths Press Office +27 21 407 7700 or 082 782 3856 pressoffice@woolworths.co.za Notes for editors: The strike is about recognition and not the conditions of employment The current dispute with Saccawu is not about the Woolworths employment proposition. Woolworths employee salaries and increases are competitive in the retail sector. All employees have contracts with benefits which guarantee minimum hours of work every week. Summary of the picketing rules agreed at the CCMA •In a shopping centre or mall, the area prescribed for picketing shall be no less than 20 metres from the public entrances nearest to a Woolworths store. No more that 20 employees may picket in this area at any one time. •The employees participating in the strike may not intimidate members of the public, endanger safety or unduly disrupt normal business operations. They must comply with security and safety regulations. •Employees must not participate in provocative or derogatory conduct or display derogatory remarks on posters or placards. •Picketing will only take place during normal working hours. •Access to the prescribed picketing area shall be limited to employees in that store. •Striking employees may not wear masks or cover their faces. They shall not make use of sound instruments such as a trumpet, horns or vuvuzelas. •Placards may not be carried onto the company premises