Woolworths entire yoghurt range is perfectly safe to eat. Woolworths has, however, taken selected yoghurt product off its shelves due to a supplier including gelatine in an ingredient. Woolworths agreement with the supplier is explicit – gelatine may not be included in the yoghurt. The supplier has acted in contravention of the signed agreement and immediate and punitive action is being taken against the offending supplier. Some customers who may choose not to eat gelatine, may wish to avoid eating any Woolworths yoghurt they may still have in their homes. “We are extremely disappointed that the supplier in question made a conscious decision to ignore our direct instructions and signed agreement,” said Julian Novak, Head of food. “We are grateful, however, that we have discovered this breach of our agreement and are able to withdraw the product and alert our customers who may wish to avoid gelatine products.” “We are urgently seeking an alternative supply of the specific required ingredient and we hope to have yoghurt, without gelatine, and in compliance with our commitment to our customers, back on the shelves in the near future,” continues Novak. “As the yoghurt is perfectly safe and very nutritious, we are making sure that all recalled product is distributed to local charities.” Woolworths regrets the circumstances that have resulted in the recall of the product and any inconvenience this may cause customers. Ends Notes to editors: Should a customer have a Woolworths yoghurt product in their homes at this moment which they do not wish to consume because of the presence of gelatine, these products can be returned to any Woolworths store for a full refund. Customers are advised to call the customer care centre at 0860022002 for any further queries. For further information please contact: Woolworths Press Office email:pressoffice@woolworths.co.za