Always in the forefront of innovation and committed to offering food options that are better for you, Woolworths has completely reformulated its entire yoghurt range and has become the first in South Africa to offer yoghurts made with only natural flavours and colours and containing no added preservatives and no artificial sweeteners. In addition, all Woolworths yoghurts are made with rBST- hormone free milk and there is an average of 15 percent less sugar across the range. As well as extending the range to include yoghurts with prebiotic Inulin fibre and a yoghurt with added omega 3 to promote heart health, Woolworths yoghurts contain their exclusive HOWARU™ probiotic cultures to help stimulate the immune system and assist in lactose digestion. Upgrading their yoghurt range and eliminating all artificial ingredients is in keeping with Woolworths Good Food Journey, explains Woolworths Head of Foods, Julian Novak. “Our Good Food Journey is about offering our customers foods that not only taste delicious, but that offers real benefits and real differences. We are confident that our new yoghurt range does both.” The reformulation started with the yoghurt base, which is now creamier than ever. Nature-identical flavours were replaced with natural flavours including fruit extracts and real fruit, including superfruits like blueberries and raspberries. Natural colours are added only when necessary. In addition, the artificial sweeteners previously used in some of the fat free varieties have been replaced by a blend of fructose and sucrose which is similar to the sugar combination found in honey. All the kids’ yoghurts are made with rBST-free Ayrshire milk, including the new Pooh Bear range which contains real fruit puree and 30% less sugar than used previously. In keeping with its Good business journey, all Woolworths 150 g and 1 kg yoghurts are also now sold in tubs made from recyclable materials. With its extensive new range, Woolworths now offers a yoghurt to suit every taste. There are plain yoghurts, fat free and low fat ranges, smooth yoghurts, yoghurts with fruit pieces, layered yoghurts, organic yoghurts made with independently certified organic milk and fruit, and even an indulgent range of double cream yoghurts made with Ayrshire milk and featuring flavours – like lemon curd, coconut or raspberry & Turkish rose – designed to satisfy even the most discerning yoghurt gourmet. The new range is available at Woolworths stores nationwide. ENDS NOTES FOR THE EDITOR What is the difference between nature-identical flavours and natural flavours? Nature identical flavours are mixtures of chemicals which are structurally the same as those found in nature but are prepared synthetically. Natural flavours are flavoring ingredients extracted by physical methods (extraction, distillation, maceration) from a botanical source, e.g. fruit. What is rBST? rBST is an artificial hormone which is generally given to cows to make them produce more milk. Though there is no scientific evidence that rBST has any harmful effects, we understand that customers might still be concerned about it, so we’re happy to offer them an alternative in our rBST-free Ayrshire dairy products and our new yoghurt range. What is HOWARU™ and why do you add it to your yoghurt? HOWARU™ is the name of the probiotic cultures we add to our yoghurts to help keep your body in balance. As a regular part of a balanced diet, HOWARU™ probiotic cultures help the digestive system function the way it should by reducing the growth of harmful bacteria. They also assist in lactose digestion, help stimulate the immune system and can significantly improve general health. What is the Good Food Journey? The Good Food Journey is the name we’ve given to our ongoing quest to offer South Africa food that’s better for our customers, better for the environment and better for the people who produce it. It encompasses everything from removing additives like tartrazine and MSG from our foods, switching to more natural flavourants, and offering more organic and free range choices to caring for the welfare of animals and promoting healthy eating as part of a healthy lifestyle. Within the past few months Woolworths also announced that it had removed trans fats from hydrogenated vegetable oils from its fresh prepared food and has removed over 35 tons of salt (based on average annual sales), primarily from its breads, cereals and cold meats. What is the Good business journey? Woolworths Good business journey, announced by CEO Simon Susman on 19 April 2007, is an acceleration of Woolworths’ ongoing commitment to managing the business’s impact as it continues to grow and meet the increasing needs of South African consumers. The Good business journey includes a 5-year plan to 2012 for development in four key areas: Accelerating transformation Driving social development Protecting the environment Addressing climate change